Do Snakes Make Good Pets?

While snakes are mostly associated with the wild, they can, at times, be pets. Despite the fact that snakes can occasionally be found in our properties doesn't make them a good fit for our homes. Just like other wild animals with greatly varying behaviors, snakes too are quite unpredictable, though they're hardy enough to survive in almost all kinds of environments. These reptiles are adaptable and can survive in a wide range of locations. Even though the serpent might be an object of fear for many, there's a small group of people who find pleasure in rearing snakes as pets. And in fact, some of the people who own pet snakes have reported that they make good companions and are pretty easy to raise as pets. But this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you are considering getting a pet snake, you should know that they make good pets as long as they get the proper treatment. Even if you keep a snake as a pet, you should always remember that they can be dangerous at times. So, avoid doing anything that may provoke them. Below are some of the reasons why snakes could make good pets.

Easy to maintain
Among all reptiles, snakes are arguably the most uncomplicated to keep as pets. Most species can adapt to different temperatures and habitats, so they do not need special conditions to survive.

Require minimal attention
Pets like dogs and cats need plenty of love and affection. The same cannot be said of snakes, which do not need much affection. Therefore, they will not consume much of your time as long as they are fed and kept clean. This does not mean that you should completely ignore your pet snake though.

Cheap to maintain
The retail price of a snake is dependent on its size, species, and age. After you acquire one as a pet, however, the maintenance costs are quite affordable. These animals are strictly carnivorous, so all they need is some meat and access to water. Snakes tend to eat one large meal and only have another after the previous meal is completely digested, so daily feeds are not required.

No smell
If pet snakes and their environment is kept clean, they will rarely emit any foul smells. Besides, they do not feed daily, so they do not defecate daily. After they defecate, all you need to do is clean up the waste immediately. Over time, you will realize that they are completely odorless, unlike pet cats, dogs, and birds.

No noise
Although snakes produce a buzz for vocal expression, they are generally reticent and non-intrusive. You can continue with your daily activities around the home without them causing any unnecessary disturbance. Your peace will not be disturbed by a pet snake.

Not much space is required
To keep a pet snake, you do not require too much space unless you purchase a large one. All you need is a glass container that allows it adequate room to stretch and move around.

NOTE: Before you keep a snake as a pet, ensure that you conduct thorough research about the specific species to know what is required of you. It would be best to get in touch with a qualified veterinarian who will educate you on the snake's health requirements. You must also remember that snakes are still wild animals, and any slight provocation may make them attack you regardless of the length of time you have kept them as pets.

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